Privacy Policy

At FoodShiner, we respect your privacy. We believe that the less we know about you, the better; that is why we aim to limit the information we collect to the minimum necessary. The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you in details about which data we collect or log when you use our application and how that data is being used and where is being stored.

Data Collection

Beyond the information Apple provides to developers (provided you opt-in), FoodShiner uses no third-party analytics frameworks. FoodShiner does neither log nor collect any personal information or usage data when using the application.

In TestFlight beta builds, FoodShiner may log crash reports to your device that you can explicitly choose to share (it will not leave your device otherwise). These reports do not contain any identifiable information. Simply put, your data is your data, and it will not be shared in any form to any third-parties.

Data Storage

FoodShiner stores all the data in a local database. If the user desires to have FoodShiner data synced across all the devices or want to share it with other persons on this case the user can choose to activate iCloud Sync. You can at any given time disable iCloud Sync from FoodShiner settings and even delete the data stored in the cloud.

FoodShiner uses specifically the CloudKit portion of iCloud, and all your data is stored in your own private CloudKit database located in Apple cloud servers. None of this data is stored on any servers controlled by FoodShiner. Furthermore, we have no access to any of your data in iCloud, as Apple does not give developers access to data in a user‘s private CloudKit database.

Any data stored in iCloud is subject to Apple‘s privacy policy.