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FoodShiner is publicly available since  May 2020 and is only available for  iPhone / Apple Watch, iPad and since May 2022 for MacOS.

Prevent Food waste, save Earth

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FoodShiner is not supported on Android! Offers to download which you may find online for Android should be considered as malware.


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Reviews from FoodShiner users

Super Awesome!!!

This little app is PERFECT…and it’s FREE???…I would definitely pay good money for this app…after all…if it helps ME save on food…why not?? I looked at A LOT of apps. This one works well (it scans the barcode beautifully) and has record of everything... more
10/12/2022, Version: 2.3.8, United States of America

Only fantastic.

I was looking to find an app that would alert me when foods are about to expire; because who regularly checks this? What an incredible find when I downloaded this app. It is super easy to use and is very flexible. (It even has a rudimentary shopping ... more
09/26/2022, Version: 2.3.7, Canada

Amazing - privacy, organized, helpful!

Privacy was never an issue downloading this app which is of upmost importance for me. Love love love this app. It allows me to keep my pantry organized so easily. I have a terrible habit of buying food and not using it, it expires and I throw it out,... more
09/21/2022, Version: 2.3.7, Canada

Only fantastic.

I was looking to find an app that would alert me when foods are about to expire; because who regularly checks this? What an incredible find when I downloaded this app. It is super easy to use and is very flexible. (It even has a rudimentary shopping ... more
08/22/2022, Version: 2.3.6, Canada

Does everything I need it to

I downloaded this because I was looking for an app to help control our food budget and stop us from having a freezer full of 5 year old, unusable food. And it does everything I need, with the barcode scanning being largely on point, if a litte over-e... more
08/18/2022, Version: 2.3.6, United States of America

Useful app

As useful as this app is, it still doesn’t sync properly between the devices after the latest update. For instance, the item that was consumed on the iPhone still shows on the iPad and on the Mac even though the status shows as synced. The last updat... more
07/31/2022, Version: 2.3.5, United Kingdom

Excellent app….for free!

Thanks for an excellent app. In my search and research, this is the app that best covers most of the features I wanted in a Grocery list/Pantry inventory app. However there are a couple features that I feel would make the app five stars in my book: C... more
07/30/2022, Version: 2.3.5, United States of America


Has everything, the more I use it the more I find. Wonderful app and very useful.
05/13/2022, Version: 2.3.1, United Kingdom

The best expiry & shopping list

This is absolutely the best app available for shopping and food expiry Congratulations on such great design I will be telling everyone about it and will be donating for sure. This is the type of app that should be supported. It is simple. It does the... more
03/25/2022, Version: 2.2.4, Australia

Very flexible and great for what I needed

I really like this app. When I started thinking I wanted to track our food use and keep track of what we have I started looking for apps. Wow there are a lot and none seem to be what I wanted. I gave this a try because it was free and had mostly posi... more
03/14/2022, Version: 2.2.4, United States of America

Save food, money and it free!

Help me from buying to much and using what I got, so now I don’t end up wasting food. Plus side it free and is better than other paid ones, yes you can tip and will be in the near future. Only small complaint there no “Use by date” so have to use “E... more
03/04/2022, Version: 2.2.4, United Kingdom

So Far So Good

For an app that is free…WOW! Impressed!
02/15/2022, Version: 2.2.4, United States of America

Decent app

After editing categories, icons seem slow to update. Adding new items seems somewhat less than intuitive. QR codes don’t seem to work. Would be nice if size/quantity could be entered separately (with size related to bar code). Need to see which iClou... more
02/02/2022, Version: 2.2.4, United States of America

Top pantry app!

Fantastic app. Best of its kind. Scanner works (UK) and if item isn’t recognised it’s easy to add to the database for everyone. Well organised, love the ability to also print the list of items in the pantry. Brilliant.
01/15/2022, Version: 2.2.3, United Kingdom

Easy to Use!

I love how easy this is to use! Keeps me organized. I now know what I have in my fridge, freezer and pantry. Love that they don’t swindle you into a subscription or track your info. Great App!
11/01/2021, Version: 2.2.0, Canada

Use your Food before it goes bad

FoodShiner helps you to know what food you have and where. It also keeps track of the quantity of each product and its expiration date and reminds you to use them before they are spoiled.

FoodShiner is a free app, to help you prevent food wastage and therefor to protect our Earth.

The best shopping list experience

FoodShiner offer the best shopping list experience, all the products you use are already there in your fridge or pantry (in FoodShiner), if they run out soon you can add them to a shopping list with one swipe.

Shopping lists can also be shared with your family or friends, and you get notified in real time when a product was marked as bought in case you forgot something.

We also built a special smart list where you can see all the products that will run out soon, and you can add them all with one tap to a shopping list.

With the Apple Watch App, even if you don't have your iPhone with you, you still can access all your shopping lists, you can even see products pictures and prices right from wrists.



Shopping lists

There has never been a better way to manage your shopping lists.

Apple Watch

Access all your shopping lists right from your wrists.


Your lists at glance right from your iPhone / iPad home screen.

Dark mode

Support of the system-wide Dark Mode introduced on iOS 13.

iPadOs Support

Full iPad support, Two-Pane view, Drag & Drop, Slide Over & Split View capable.

CloudKit Sync

CloudKit support to keep your data up-to-date on all your devices.

CloudKit Sharing

Share your lists with your loved ones using native CloudKit sharing technology.

Keyboard shortcuts

Control everything on the App using Keyboard Shortcuts.

Context menus

Perform actions on a selected item by using context menus.


Flexible search to help you find your products fast.

Smart lists

Smart lists selecting products soon to be expired, or ones with an open package ...


Add new products or search for them just by scanning their Barcode.