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Use your Food before it goes bad

FoodShiner helps you to know what food you have and where. It also keeps track of the quantity of each product and its expiration date and reminds you to use them before they are spoiled.

FoodShiner is a free app, to help you prevent food wastage and therefor to protect our Earth.

The best shopping list experience

FoodShiner offer the best shopping list experience, all the products you use are already there in your fridge or pantry (in FoodShiner), if they run out soon you can add them to a shopping list with one swipe.

Shopping lists can also be shared with your family or friends, and you get notified in real time when a product was marked as bought in case you forgot something.

We also built a special smart list where you can see all the products that will run out soon, and you can add them all with one tap to a shopping list.

With the Apple Watch App, even if you don't have your iPhone with you, you still can access all your shopping lists, you can even see products pictures and prices right from wrists.



Shopping lists

There has never been a better way to manage your shopping lists.

Apple Watch

Access all your shopping lists right from your wrists.


Your lists at glance right from your iPhone / iPad home screen.

Dark mode

Support of the system-wide Dark Mode introduced on iOS 13.

iPadOs Support

Full iPad support, Two-Pane view, Drag & Drop, Slide Over & Split View capable.

CloudKit Sync

CloudKit support to keep your data up-to-date on all your devices.

CloudKit Sharing

Share your lists with your loved ones using native CloudKit sharing technology.

Keyboard shortcuts

Control everything on the App using Keyboard Shortcuts.

Context menus

Perform actions on a selected item by using context menus.


Flexible search to help you find your products fast.

Smart lists

Smart lists selecting products soon to be expired, or ones with an open package ...


Add new products or search for them just by scanning their Barcode.